Classical Oil Painting

Classical Oil paintingOil on canvas

19 x 23cm 2015

This is a classical oil painting, and this painting method is more step and taking more times to finish. But you should paint a monotone as a base colour. After that we can start to apply some colour on the painting, every time adding a new colour, have to add more texture and detail on the painting.So repeat, repeat and repeat till it done….final work comes out a very nice feeling of the painting…..i quite like this method to paint….


Realistic Painting

Deadly paintingOil on canvas

42 x 57cm 2015

And this is a combination of the work we been painted, we name it “全家福”.While i painting i learn how to control the whole work, and do a focus point for the painting….

Still Life Oil Painting

My First Oil painting

“Orange”Orange Oil on canvas

19cm x 23cm  2014

This is my very first oil painting. When the first week of the new semester.Tack wai giving us a list of oil paint, tools and brushes. After we bought all the painting stuff, we are ready for the first painting. Before we start we have to strengthen the canvas on the top of the frame, the first lesson we get a free frame and 2-times use canvas for us, after finish these we have to buy our own frame and canvas.

The first lesson i am facing so much problem and the oil paint, we have to squeeze all the colour on the palette, and i bought not enough colour so i have to arrange some slot for the colour.

Our first painting method is indirect painting style, we have to done, step by step layer by layer to finish it.For the first layer is monotone – dark tone – middle tone – light tone and the reflection light. i am not a patient guy, so when i paint till to the stone i felt so boring, i have to done it faster, so i try to use the palette knife to represent the texture of the stone but i already have a base colour of the stone and i just take out some white mix with some blue and green……now i am no the first time using the palette knife to paint, it’s quite fun……

“Big ass pear”Big ass pearOil on canvas

19cm x 23cm 2014

And the next we are going to paint a american pear, and the painting method is direct painting style and this method is master our mixing colour skill be more accurate. When i painting the pear i felt have to be more more sure the colour where should be the right one and create a 3D effect of the pear, using the big brush to separate the dark, middle and light tone…..u can try to close a little bit your eyes to observe the colour of the pear and painting on my  canvas…..the second piece of painting i quite enjoy.

 “The third still life”The third still life Oil on canvas

23cm x 30cm 2014

And now the third one is a little bit bigger than the previous one, usually we do sketch with the pencil on the canvas…and this time i try to use brushstroke the sketch this still life….this way to sketch is better than we use pencil to do. Lecture said this painting can be using previously those two method to paint it…..and the most challenging part is the pot texture and those high light area and reflection light…,,anyway we are catching up the way to paint a oil painting. It’s so much fun and fresh to me.